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Geobin Composting System


Composting can happen when weeds and lawn clippings are dropped in a pile, added to and turned, and eventually sifted and used in the garden. Not everyone has space for a big compost pile, so this Geobin composting system, made of a single roll of flexible material that loops on itself and joins with plastic connectors, confines the materials being composted to a 4' diameter or smaller space.


This is a versatile flexible sized bin that can be shaped to fit the space available and work in a lot of venues. A single Geobin unit can overlap on itself, so set up at various diameters. Two of them can be connected and shaped with metal fence supports for a robust composting space. The instructions say supports aren't needed, but they improve the usability to keep it in place (and if you have cats or dogs, to keep them out of the compost.)



The bins are 36" tall and a single bin set up full size holds 20 cubic feet of compost. The sides are ventilated and the material is quite durable and the overlapped ends are held together with plastic closure keys. When you're ready to start a new compost pile, simply pick up the bin and move it, or unfasten the closures and unwrap it to move.


Two bins joined - photo from Reddit user


One Reddit reviewer of this system put it well – "Geobin doesn't offer any big advantages over DIY mesh units—instead it offers a few little things that when combined together just make it easier to set up, move, or make changes to it." Compared to a chicken wire or other metal mesh, he says "the Geobin is just easier to set up. There's no chance of hurting yourself on the Geobin for one thing—no metal that you can get cut or poked on. I find the metal meshes to be difficult to work with—they just keep trying to go back to the same shape they were in in the package."


This is a simple system that has versatility as far as how it is set up (single or double) and it is very easy to relocate or resize as needed.


Geobin with steel fence posts in place to keep it upright


Geobin in use. Dog for scale. Who's a good girl?


Yardfully products PDF instructions for using the bins. 





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