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Annual – Sun/Part Shade
Pelargonium hortorum 
Ht. 18”-24” Spread 18”-24”
pell-ar-GONE-ee-um hor-TORE-um                                                  
Spacing 12”

HABIT:  Upright or trailing; clusters of red, orange, pink, or white flowers. Native to South Africa. Scented geraniums bloom only once a year and are grown mostly for their wonderfully varied fragrances. The genus Geranium is the true geranium. It is a smaller plant, but perennial.

CULTURE:  Sun or part shade, well prepared beds with good drainage. Cool weather is its favorite time of the year. Plant in late winter from containers. A little cold weather is good for them.

USES:  Annual gardens, pots, hanging baskets.

PROBLEMS:  Cutworms, caterpillars, summer heat.


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