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Teucrium spp.   
Perennial evergreen – Full Sun
Ht. 2’ Spread 6-12”
Spacing 6-12”                                                                                

HABIT:  Whorls of purple-pink flowers in summer. Small evergreen shrub with faintly aromatic leaves. It may also be clipped into a border or low perennial hedge.

CULTURE:    Easy to grow, no particular cultural requirements. Propagate by seeds, cuttings, or divisions. Likes to be sheared.

USES:   Used almost exclusively as a landscape plant. Dark green attractive hedge or border. Fragrant foliage. Used in knot gardens. Excellent cut foliage for use in interior arrangements.

PROBLEMS:  None I’ve seen.

HARVEST:   Green foliage anytime to use with cut flowers indoors.


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