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Ginkgo State Champion

Meeting the State Champion Ginkgo

Finally got to meet the Texas Champion Ginkgo Tree in the east Texas town of New Boston. Had a nice visit with current owner Mary Miller and her daughter. Their tree has been a special part of the family’s life for decades now and for good reason. It is a beautiful and special tree. The forest service estimates it to be about 250 years old but they think it’s probably older than that. There’s apparently another big ginkgo in Texas that is getting close to taking over the title, so I explained how they could dramatically expose the root flare and increase the tree’s health and growth rate. Look forward to seeing the results.
Here’s a little challenge for you guys. I’d like to know about the specimen and champion ginkgoes in other states. If you have a candidate, please let us know and send some photos and we will share the information and send a little gift for the trouble.

Here are my early November shots of this great Texas Champ.


Mary Miller and her daughter with the champion tree in New Boston, Texas


Pretty good flare, but it’s about to get better.


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