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Garrett Ginkgo Tree


The early freeze is breaking green leaves off my ginkgo so the color may not be as good as normal. Here is a review of the history of my tree.

One of the oldest trees on earth has taught me a lot about the power of the organic program. Ginkgo has the reputation and history of growing only about 2” a year. Mine grows about 10 times that fast.

content_img.11312.img.jpg content_img.11315.img.jpg

Ginkgo is somewhat stiff but an upright growing shade tree that you will know at first glance is a very special plant. It has light colored, smooth bark, and unusual leaves that look like little green fans. It’s notorious slow growth, especially here in the alkaline soils, but that isn’t such a great problem in an organic program.


I planted mine in 1985 when my daughter Logan was born. The little tree was only about 8’ tall. Because of having always been in an organic program, my tree has grown into a big shade tree challenging the area champions that are about 5 times older. Ginkgo Tree Video

Ginkgo is great to look at and is also a good climbing tree and good for the vegetable garden because it offers light shade for the ground plants. The yellow fall color is usually spectacular. Read more about it in my book – Herbs for Texas and in the library of my website

Two root flare shots showing what I thought was an exposed flare and after the flare had been exposed properly.


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Howard Garrett

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Posted 11/21/14

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