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Andropogon. gergardii) Turkeyfoot Tall prairie grass with three pronged flowers in the size and shape of a turkey's foot, normally 4-6' tall but can reach 12' in heavy rich soil.  Large growing grass native to Texas, perennial, full sun, best planting time is winter or spring.

BLUESTEM, BUSHY  (Andropogon  glomeratus) - "Brushy Bluestem", ideal for home gardens as it tolerates lots of moisture without getting top heavy, native to eastern part of Texas, grows in bogs savannahs and swales, 2-5' tall by 2' wide, a slender grass that has a blue-green summer color, in autumn its cottony-silver seed heads remain showy for two months then taking on a coppery color in winter. use next to water feature or in perennial flower garden, full sun, contrasts well with inland sea oats. Does well under irrigation.

BLUESTEM, LITTLE (Schizachyrium scoparitum) Height 2 – 4’ Perennial bunchgrass. Native statewide.  Silver blue foliage turns coppery brown after freeze. Flowers July – September. Also called alkali grass, desert salt grass and prairie beardless broom.

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