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Grass - Fed Ranch

Rehoboth Ranch

Grass Fed Beef, Lamb, & Poultry and Grade A Raw Goat Milk
Robert and Nancy Hutchins
2238 County Road 1081
Greenville, TX 75401

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Question: We live in Temple and are looking for some land where we can grow our own food. We would like one dairy cow and one cow to raise for meat. We may use a goat or two for milk instead of a cow. We have no experience in this, but we feel that we need to do it for the health of our children. We can't afford to keep buying grass-fed organic beef and other organic foods. We need to sustain ourselves. How much acreage do you suggest?D.T., Temple

Answer: You should talk to some of the people at the Dallas Farmers Market. Texas Supernatural Meats is a consortium of grass-feed ranches, and I'm sure they would be very helpful. Call them at 214-760-7774

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