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Cortaderia selloana        (core-ta-DER-ee-ah sell-oh-AN-ah)

Perennial           Sun      Height 8 feet   Spread 8 feet      Spacing 8 - 10 feet


HABIT:              Fountain like clump  grass with long, slender, sharp-edged blades of                                         foliage. White flower plumes in late summer last quite long into the winter. Foliage turns brown in harsh winter and should be cut back.


CULTURE:        Very easy to grow in any soil. Low water and food requirements. Needs good                             drainage like most  plants.


USES               Accent plant, border for roads, drives, or parks. Good for distant viewing.


PROBLEMS:     Few if any.  Some consider the coarseness a negative.


NOTES:            White plumes are good for interior arrangements. Female plants have the  showiest plumes. Native to South America.

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