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Paspalum vaginatum SeaIsle 1

Warm season turfgrass     Sun   Mowing height 1/8  – 2 inches.    Solid sod or sprigs


HABIT:              Rich dark-green warm season, medium-textured grass that grows in a wide                                  range of soils but does best in sandy soils. It has excellent resistance to drought                                     and wear and is very salt tolerant.

CULTURE:        Can tolerate most alternate water sources such as waste water, effluent, ocean                            water, gray water and brackish water. Requires low levels of fertilization,                                           irrigation and pest management.

USES:              Excellent choice for fairways, tees, roughs, commercial landscaping, athletic                              fields and reclamation projects.

PROBLEMS:     Homeowners can use but will need to mow more often and be aware of possible                                     fungal problems.

NOTES:            SeaIsle 2000 has a blue-green cast and can be mowed even lower (1/8”). This is                           the grass used on the field at the Astro’s ball park. I can’t remember the                                         corporate sponsor name. 


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