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Green Monster


Order, Orthoptera, Family Tettigoniidae, Neubarrettia spp.

Looks like a big green grasshopper with red eyes, fat body with a 1-inch sword sticking out of it’s tail.

Adults deposit eggs which hatch into nymphs.

Lives in grassy fields and creek bottoms.

 Eats grasshoppers.  We need more of them.

CONTROL:  Small animals that eat grasshoppers.  None needed.

This is a member of the Katydid family.  There is little information abou tti.  Ed Riley, Assistance Curator TAMU Insect Collection provided the scientific names.  This one was photographed in 1967.  It was inside of a shed.  It could only be photographed from the front, never allowing a side shot.  It always turned facing the camera with this bluffing pose.  They must be quite rare.  However, people in Fayette County say they see them every now and then.  Malcolm has only seen one since 1967, it was in a cage at a nursery near Bastrop, Texas.  The owners and employees fed it a grasshopper each day.

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