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Hand Tools for Weed Control

Stirrup or "push pull hoe" or "hula hoe"


There are many hand tools to choose from, and naming them and grouping them is probably a challenge for every gardening retailer. Regular hoes, weed “poppers” and “twisters” and push-pull hoes are among the weeding choices. "Push pull" hoes are arguably the best hand tools for effective weeding. I still recommend the stirrup or hula hoe (above photo) but there is a better choice. It’s also a push-pull hoe but the Rogue Prohoe Manufacturing Tool Company calls it a Scuffle Hoe. It is easy to use and works beautifully to remove weeds from gravel areas or beds. It can be ordered on line at . In Dallas these great gardening tools can be found at The Tree House at Central and Walnut Hill.


Stirrup hoe (left) and Scuffle hoe 


The Weasel "Weed Popper" 


Regular hoes, stirrup hoes, weed "poppers" and "twisters" are among the choices.


Flame weeders such as Red Dragon work on many tough-to-control weeds. There are small lightweight models for the homeowner and large commercial selections as well. They usually run off propane gas.


The Red Dragon Vegetable Bed flamers - that's some serious equipment!





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