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Hands-On Gardening Gloves

HandsOn gardening gloves are a recent innovation that evolved from the knobby HandsOn Animal and Finishing gloves. The texture on the glove palms and fingers are perfect for grooming animals; what could be better than a knobby glove intended for working in the garden soil and grabbing weeds?



HandsOn Gloves is the #1 Ranked, Multi-Award Winning, Patented animal shedding/bathing/grooming gloves that animals prefer for the generous massage they provide. HandsOn is currently expanding to bring you revolutionary new animal products as well as high-quality, effective gardening gloves and tools. The products are intended to change the way we tackle everyday animal and gardening activities, making those efforts faster and more effective. Whether you have a house full of cherished furbabies, a garden full of prize-worthy vegetables, a ranch of prized livestock, or the best rose garden in your town, HandsOn provides you the tactical tools you need to get the job done right.

HandsOn Gardening Gloves offer more than traditional gardening gloves. These gloves make gardening, landscaping, and yard work safer, easier, and more comfortable. Wet or dry, they won’t slip or fall off while working in your yard. 

  • Cut-resistant liner for extra protection 
  • Nodules on all fingers for easy hand digging
  • Superior grip for easier weeding
  • Comes in sizes for comfortable fit



About the Company
HandsOn Gloves is a small family-owned business based in North Texas. Growing up as animal lovers, their lives were immersed with the joys as well as the mundaneness of animal upbringing. Their attention to giving animals the best lives possible requires a mindfulness of their everyday needs including grooming and bonding, and the daily tasks to keep pets healthy and happy. These values helped develop HandsOn into the innovative company it is today where they strive to redesign, reshape and re-imagine our world while spending time doing the things we love – being with animals and gardening! Their goal is to develop products that we as humans, as well as our animal companions, enjoy using!



30 days money back guarantee, 1 year limited warranty

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