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Headache Relief Alternatives

Headache Relief Alternatives treats migraines, tension headaches, chronic head and neck pain, TMJ pain, atypical facial pain, tennitis, extremely sensitive teeth or vertigo without the use of prescription drugs and surgery.  

Headache Relief Alternatives uses an integrated approach, combining the best of both allopathic thought with alternative practices that treat the head, neck, and oral structures as integral parts to the whole body – not just a collection of vital organs that can be treated without affecting the others.

Headache Relief Alternatives acknowledges the uniqueness and wholeness of each individual – body, mind, and spirit. It emphasizes prevention over treatment. They will educate you about nutrition, oral care, and ways to prevent dental disorders. Their goal is to help you prevent other problems from cropping up down the road.

When oral health problems do arise, biological dentists look beyond the symptoms you’re experiencing to the root cause. While conventional dentistry focuses largely on mechanical repairs to the teeth and related structures when something goes wrong, biological dentistry includes additional therapeutic approaches to support the body’s natural healing abilities. These include things like nutrition and supplementation, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other forms of integrative medicine.

As a holistic approach, biological dentistry combines the best of modern technology and scientific knowledge with time-tested traditional healing wisdom.

Headache Relief Alternatives

Dr. Allen Sprinkle

1106 W. Randol Mill Road, St. 100

Arlington, TX 76012





















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