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Health Care Reform


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I usually do not write much at all about politics or about the specific dangers of toxic chemicals. That’s because I like to concentrate on the positive aspects of the organic program. However, here are three articles that are worth your attention.




U.S. Senate Health Committee Passes Health Care Reform Bill that will Bankrupt America 

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger of NaturalNews says: U.S. politicians have given us unending debt, a real estate bubble disaster and a failed health care system. Now they want to mandate that all Americans must participate in the current failed sick-care system, and those who don't will be fined! A U.S. Senate committee has just passed a sweeping new "health care reform" bill that has nothing to do with health, or reform, or caring. It's all about making the drug companies rich and keeping the corrupt health insurance companies in power. Read the full feature story on this disastrous new health care reform bill here:  Read Article



Link Between Pesticide Levels In Blood And Parkinson's Disease

People with Parkinson's disease have significantly higher blood levels of a particular pesticide than healthy people or those with Alzheimer's disease, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found. Read Article

Is Congress Killing the Organic Farm?
Two bills designed to stop outbreaks of food-borne illnesses could mean big trouble for small farms. By Robynne Boyd 

From the article:
If you ask someone who supports a ground-up approach to food safety - like Howard Garrett, an organic-gardening guru who's best known by his pseudonym, the "Dirt Doctor" - you'll likely hear that the government should develop ways to support smaller, more localized, more diverse food production and avoid industrial food processing, which Garrett says is causing the problems.
Read Article

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