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Healthy Living and Growing Seminar

Videos of the speakers from the Healthly Living and Growing Seminar are available for Organic Club of America Members. If you are a Member, please enjoy these wonderful speakers by logging in to your OCA account: Member Log In

If you aren't a member yet, here's how to join: Join the Organic Club of America

If you have any questions or would like to join by phone, please call us at 866-444-3478.

Here is the outline of the seminar and speakers:

Howard Garrett
Welcome; Basic Organic Program

Tyson Woods
Root Flare; Tree Care; Pruning

Amanda Love
Nutrition; Healthy Cooking; Nourishing Cleanse

Brian Bristow, Allen Parks & Recreation
Natural Organic Municipal Practices

Daryl Sprout
Snake Encounters

Howard Garrett
Mosquito Program; Pest Control; Grasshoppers; Haint Blue Paint

Martie Whittekin
Fix Your Digestion; Toxins

Frank Schultz, TP&SL
"Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition - What to Know Before Planting"

Tony Manasseri
"Organic Vegetables all Winter"

Mason Arnold, Greenling
Eating Local. Farm to Market Foods

Tropical John, Howard Garrett
Foliar Feeding; Q & A

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Howard Garrett

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