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Herb Tea While I Talk Gardening Newsletter




The first hour of my Sunday radio show starts with the SPCA report to help some local dogs and cats. Next we catch up on any gardening news and start the feature called “In Howard’s Garden” that weaves through all the calls and covers what I’m doing in my gardens and what you should be doing on planting, fertilizing, pruning, etc.

I also talk about the herb tea I have made and brought with me to sip during the show. Herb tea is one of the best by-products of organic gardening. Ginger has been my favorite ingredient lately. I use fresh ginger “hands” and cut a piece about tablespoon size into slivers by cutting with the grain, not across it. My other ingredients lately include thyme, basil, garden sage, apple cider vinegar and honey.

To prepare my herb teas, I pick fresh leaves, root pieces and/or appropriate flowers, crush them, put in a teapot and pour in hot water after bringing it to just short of boiling. I use a glass kettle, filtered water and a ceramic (glazed inside and out) teapot. Boiling water destroys many of the health-giving properties. In fact, letting the heated water cool down slightly before pouring is a good idea. Let the tea steep for a few minutes (the longer it steeps, the stronger it gets). Before straining out the solids and enjoying, add honey, stevia, apple cider vinegar or other flavors. These ingredients shouldn’t be added until the tea has cooled down a bit.

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