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HIBISCUS Swamp Mallow


 Hibiscus moscheutos (hi-BIS-cus ma-SHU-tos)


Perennial Sun to part shade Height. 5 – 6 feet Spread 3- 6 feet Spacing 2 - 3 feet


HABIT: Upright, thick succulent stems. Many colors and characteristics available. Blooms mid summer to fall. Large leaves from compact bushes.


CULTURE: Easy to grow in any well-drained soil, moderate water and fertilizer requirements. Native to the southern USA.


USES: Summer flower color, specimen, pots.


PROBLEMS: Few if any.


NOTES: There are many other hibiscuses that are wonderful plants. The tropical H. rosa-sinensis, which functions as an annual here, is the most colorful, but the hardy rose mallows are beautiful and perennial: ‘Frisbee,’ ‘Southern Belle,’and ‘Marsh.’ Another wonderful perennial is Texas star H. coccineus, H. taiwanwnsis is a durable, fast growing fall bloomer. Confederate rose is H. mutabilis.



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