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Holly - Nellie R. Stevens



Evergreen - Sun to shade


Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens', pronounced EYE-lex


HEIGHT: 10-20'
SPREAD: 10-20'
SPACING: 4-14'


HABIT: Insignificant white flowers in spring, large, showy red berries in fall and winter. Large, dark green leaves.


CULTURE: Extremely durable. More compact and healthy in full sun but can tolerate fairly heavy shade. Tolerates severe weather conditions.


Nellie R. Stevens by Little Gem Trees, CC by-ND 2.0


USES: Screen or specimen plant. Can be trimmed into ornamental tree. Good in containers.


PROBLEMS: One of the most durable plants available.


NOTES: 'Nellie R. Stevens' is a cross between Ilex aquifolium, English holly, and Ilex cornuta, Chinese holly. 'Mary Nell' holly is a similar large growing holly with serrated leaves. Though most hollies are dioecious ("two houses") and require both male and female trees for fruit production, Nellie R. Stevens is an exception to that rule. According to The Spruce, "is called a partially "parthenocarpic" plant. This means that it can set some fruit without a male being present, although the fruit will be seedless. Such technicalities aside, it is still better to provide a male: Doing so will produce more fruit. The male counterpart is Ilex x 'Edward J. Stevens.'" 






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