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Home Grown Food Summit Update


Here’s something new I recommend checking out - and it’s free. It’s the online Speaker Summit featuring some excellent speakers on a wide range of subjects. Let me know what you think.



Today's speakers are:
Howard Garrett, “Controlling Insects Naturally and Organically”
  • Why the most effective pest control just happens to be organic. 
  • How to protect and work with beneficial insects.
  • Learn what natural and organic pest control products to use.
Glenn Meder, “Water Purification for Better Health”
  • How to take disgusting, filthy, water and make it safe to drink.
  • Why the Red Cross doesn't recommend filters for water purification.
  • How to remove toxins, radioactivity, and grunge from drinking water.
Doug Simons, “How to Winnow Grains by Hand”
  • How to use the wind to clean seeds and grains.
  • Discover what seeds you can winnow and which ones you can't. 
  • How to use your bare feet to clean grains.
Lori Rose, “Community Gardens at Schools (How To Get Started)”
  • A guide to starting a community or school garden.
  • Engaging the community and raising funds. 
  • Tips for building a “teaching garden.” 
Brad Lancaster, “How to Safely Harvest Greywater”
  • Learn how to safely harvest "dark grey water" the water from your kitchen sink. 
  • Find out:  is it LEGAL to harvest of greywater where you live? 
  • “No pump” methods for re-using water.
Dave Glowka, “How to Build Durable, Low-Cost Hoop Houses”
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to construct a 12-ft. wide hoop house of any length.
  • Photos and drawings for every step of the way.
  • A downloadable, 3D drawing file for interactively exploring the construction of a hoop house.

If you haven't already registered, Register for Your FREE Access: click here

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