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Honeysuckle, Japanese


Lonicera japonica
lon-ISS-er-uh jah-PON-ih-kah

Evergreen vine for sun to part shade
Vine or groundcover

HEIGHT: 12-20 inches

SPACING:  12 inches (G.C.) 6 inches (vine)
HABIT:  Aggressive climbing vine or groundcover. Needs support at first to climb. Fragrant white and yellow blooms. Tends to get leggy.
CULTURE:  Any soil, anywhere. Very drought tolerant.
USES:  None – should be banned. There are several choices better than honeysuckle, but it exists in many places, so we have to deal with it. Native to Asia and the Orient. Should be banned from use in this county.
PROBLEMS:  Too aggressive and invasive. Chokes out more desirable plants.

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