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Groundcover - Horseherb




Horseherb (or Stragglers Weed)


One of my favorite groundcovers is considered a weed by many. Here is some information about this easy-to-grow plant so maybe I can change some minds.


Calyptocarpus vialis — ka-lip-toe-CAR-pus


Deciduous to semi-evergreen groundcover for sun, shade or part shade.


HEIGHT: 8-10” Spread 18-36”
SPACING: 12-15”


content_img.10783.img.jpg content_img.10784.img.jpg


HABIT: Ever blooming tiny yellow flowers. Very easy to grow in any soil. Evergreen in the southern part of the country. Freezes to the ground in the northern areas but returns each spring. Hardiness zones 7-12.


CULTURE: Drought tolerant and pest free.




USES: Natural ground cover. Should be used more. Looks terrific when planted with wild violets.


PROBLEMS: Some people still consider it a weed – that’s too bad.


Map below from the USDA shows where horseherb has been found growing in the wild. Read more.





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First published 2014





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