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How to Kill Bermudagrass in Garden Question

Q.  Our organic garden has been overtaken by grasses. I have looked for an organic grass killer that will kill Bermuda grass but there are so many that I am a bit confused. Can you recommend a grass killer or combination of ingredients to kill Bermuda and the other grasses. Is there one that will kill the bermuda roots?

Thank you for your help.  G. G. Seguin, TX

A.  The vinegar herbicides such as the Good Natured product and the fatty acid products such as BioSafe will kill Bermudagrass but sometimes have to be sprayed more than once. If the grass has been tilled prior to attempted removal, the buried pieces of rhizome will attempt to come back forever. In that case, the only solutions are to dig it all out or use the smoother technique. To smoother the weeds, apply dry molasses at about 2 lbs per 100 sq ft. Then cover the molasses with 1/2" of compost, followed by 3-5 layers of newspaper or butcher paper. One layer of cardboard will also work. Wet each layer thoroughly as it goes down. The final step is to cover it all with at least 2" of shredded native tree trimmings.


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