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Howard Garrett Newsletter Archives 2007

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Plants & Global Warming
Dirt Doctor Bird Forum
It's Time to Fertilize -- But not with this Stuff!
Two New Books Support Organics
Bradford Pear Tree Season
Organic Gardeners Need Soil Probes
Bay Trees Outdoors in the South
Peat Moss - Organic vs. Conventional   
Dog and Cat Food -- Good & Bad News
Basic Organic Program
Big Trees #1 Pecan in Weatherford
Big Trees #2 Tree of Tule
Rugs of Oaxaca
The Natural Way is the Path to Health
New Crape Myrtle Pest and a Bigger Issue  
New Feature on
The Idoicy of Spraying for Mosquitoes. 
Webworms Try to Take Over
Poison = Pesticides
Caterpillar Control
Tree Planting Detail
Sick Tree Treatment
Organic Landscaping Projects
Keeping Rabbits Away
Aspartame - Ant Killer & More
The Idiocy of DDT 
Facts About the Control of Brownpatch
Dangerous Beast in the Garden 
Organic Fertilizer  
Stop Watering So Much!  
Schefflera Ãn Easy to Propagate Plant
Urban Bee Keeping
Get the Vines and Ground Covers Off of Your Trees!
Organic Research
Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Educational Information on Organics 
White Christmas
Floating Row Cover






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