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Howard Garrett Newsletter Archives 2008

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Happy New Year
Pet Advice 2008
Bed Preparation
Dirt Doctor Bio
Potting Soil
Soil Probes
Transplanting Trees
Organic Pecan & Fruit Tree Program
Beneficial Nematodes--Confusion in Timing
Which Molassess to Buy?
Spring is Here!
New Books
Trichogramma Wasps
Haint Blue Paint for Repelling Bugs & Evil Spirits
The Best DE   
Sick Tree Treatment -- Update
Garrett Juice -- Update
Salvia to Try
Sibley Nature Center
Muenster Natural Pet Food
Amanda Love - Barefoot Cook
Questions & Answers from the Leaders in Organics
How it all Started
Pecan Research and Update on Champion Pecan Tree
Dallas Observer Tells the Organic Story
Mosquito Control
Tomatoes and Salmonella
Not all Diatomaceous Earth is the Same
Where to Buy 
Mosquito & Spider Misting Systems
How to Remove Grass to Start a Garden Hydrogen Peroxide and more 
How to Control Rabbits, Moles & Deer
What is Organic Gardening?
High Fructose Corn Syrup - Severe Health Risk
Howard's Dallas Morning News Column Moves to Thursday
Flu Shot Season
What is the difference between a mole, a vole, and a gopher.
Fall Color 2008  
Tree Problems
Leaf Management  How to Save Tomato Seeds
Birds in the Garden
Crispy Nuts
Arthritis Solutions
Packing Peanuts  
Icy Roads & Walkways
Managing the Christmas Tree

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