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Howard Garrett Newsletter Archives 2013

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Christmas Tree Choices
Recommended Books by Howard Garrett
Mistletoe is Pretty but Not for Trees
Heartburn and Baking Soda
De-Icing Salt Bad for Plants
Fire Ant Control
Bamboo Control
Interior Plant Tips
Colds, Flu, Garlic & More
Pumpkin Advice
Amaryllis - Secret to Rebloom
Truths About Natural Organics 
Healthy Living Seminar
Organic Gardeners Need Soil Probes
Fall Vegetable Gardening
Inland Sea Oats Harvest Time
Slime Flux / Wet Wood
The Natural Way - Dirt Doctor Radio
Poison Ivy Rash Solutions
Tips for a Good Night Sleep
Edible Landscaping
Rose Hips
Trunk Flares - Important to Expose
Grasshopper Control
Membership Newsletter - Father's Day
Colored Mulch - Bad Product
Beekeeping Industry Newsletter
New Park in Dallas
Mosquito Control That Works
Rose Rosette Cure
Plants Talk through Mycorrhizae
Rivers and Streams in Trouble
GMO's Reviving Home Gardens
Beneficials Update
Trunk Flare Exposure of Dirt Doctor's Trees
Baking Soda
Correcting Compacted Soil
GMO Foods to Avoid
Cut Water Use in Half
Facebook - Like Me & Join the Fun
Reasons to go Natural Organic
Organic Landscaping
First Organic Column Dallas Morning News - Revisited
Pruning  NO Flush Cuts
Rose Pruning
Some Don't Get It
Tree Trunk Goop
Fruit & Pecan Tree Update









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