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Howard Garrett Newsletter Archives 2017

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New Year's Resolutions - A Different Angle
Madrones - Three Choices for the U.S.
Asparagus - Easy to Grow, Long Lasting, Delicious and Healthy
Fasciation is Fascinating!
Join OCA and Receive Mexican Buckeyes
Cryptomeria - Introduced Tree that WIll Grow in Much of the Country 
Moringa - One of Nature's Most Useful Plants
Time for Planting Onions and More
Tomatoes - Controlling the Common Problems Organically
Guts of the Natural Organic Pest Control Program
Almond Verbena and Mistflower - Two Must Have Plants
Woodpeckers Drilling Holes in Trees
Italian Cypress Has a Disease Issue
Helpful Feature on the Radio Show
Owls are Helpful Around the House
Bats - Friendly and Helpful Little Beasts
Join Organic Club for Member Benefits
Join the Organic Club Today!
Plant Problems
Great Family Summer Activity
Why Organic Fertilizers Are Better
Root Flare Exposure
Mulches - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Home Grown Food Summit
Dirt Doctor Pruning Plan
Beetles - More Good than Bad
Organic Weed Control
Organic Disease Control (and other issues)
Uncovering Buried Trees Yourself
Best Oak Trees in the U.S. 
Elephant Garlic from The Dirt Doctor's Garden
Two Closely Kin But Very Different Plants
Recommended Products
Flowers for Fall Color and Pollination
Bumblebees - More Helpful than Honeybees in Some Ways
Big Textured Plants
Timely Dirt Doctor Travel
Mosquito Control (The Wrong Way)
Root Flare Exposure for Homeowners
Mother Earth News Fair
Palm Trees
Bad Trees
Black Disappears in the Garden
Squirrel Control
Howard's Books
Lava Sand
Happy Thanksgiving from The Dirt Doctor
Donate to TORC - Free Gift with Donation
Vinegar - One of the Most Important Tools in the Organic Tool Chest
Name Nellie's Breed Contest
Herb Book - My Best Kept Secret
Bug Book
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Floating Row Cover





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