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Howard's Art Studio

Had a very pleasant surprise last week (6/30/20). Daughter Logan and son-in-law Beau came in town to visit and they had a proposition. They wanted to remodel my art studio. We agreed to stay out of the way until they finished. They were right and the project was a great success. Now the front two rooms look like a gallery and the art shows much better. All my tools, paint and supplies were moved to the back rooms where future work will be done. 

Won’t have an open house for a while to respect virus and crowd issues, but we will accept appointments for private showings for our readers and listeners. Call 866-444-3478. Would love to show you Beau and Logan’s work. If you decide to make a purchase, the sculpture, paintings and even my books and class are sold through Texas Organic Research Center (TORC) a 501(c)3 and are tax free and tax deductible.

See the Catalog of Howard's Art

Before Logan and Beau's renovation:

See the Catalog of Howard's Art


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