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Hybrid Taxis

Chicago to Get Hybrid Taxis

Jul 31, 2008 by Trish Smith

The Ford Escape Hybrid is a Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEC) that gets 36 miles per gallon in the city and up to 500 miles on a single tank of gas, so that’s why it’s the perfect green vehicle for taxi cab companies in Chicago.

ford hybrid taxi
If you’re not so sure about this bold move, you can check out New York and San Francisco, which have both been using the Ford Escape Hybrid taxis as major modes of transportation.

Not only have these taxis helped to improve the air quality in these cities, but they’re also saving many drivers money on gas.

Ford has done quite a bit to green the image of its company, from Focusing on Greener Cars and Using Soy-Based Foam Seats in its 2008 Mustang to Greening its Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

These taxis are just another great idea.

Plus, the hybrid taxis have a picture of Kermit on them, so who would ever say that is a bad idea?

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