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Impatiens walleriana


Impatiens spp. (im-PAY-shenz)
Height 10- 24 inches — Spread 18- 24 inches — Spacing 9- 12 inches


HABIT: Colorful low-spreading annual with tender stems, foliage, and flowers. Summer blooms of orange, white, pink, red, and purple.


CULTURE: Plant in well-prepared beds in shade after the last frost. Must have excellent drainage.


USES: Annual beds, pots, hanging baskets. One of the best flowers for shady areas.


PROBLEMS: Cutworms, red spider mites, and slugs.


NOTES: Native to India and China. New Guinea hybrids 'SunPatiens' have showy foliage and can take much more sun with less water. All varieties are very susceptible to freezing.







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