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Insect Control

Q: Can seaweed burn plant leaves? We sprayed some seaweed that was mixed with Denton city water. It was to treat spider mites on the tomatoes plants. We noticed a change in our leaves two days later. We sprayed last Thursday when that cold front came in. A. S. Denton, TX


A: First of all - this isn’t spider mites. It’s the early stages of the disease early blight and some damage by flea beetles. Spraying liquid seaweed is ok but it’s much better to use the entire Garrett Juice mixture which contains seaweed. For the bugs, spray garlic pepper tea and for the blight use PureGro Bug Stop spay and mix whole ground cornmeal into the soil around the plants at about 2 lbs. per 100 sq. Ft. Better to use as a preventative next crop.











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