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Insect control (General)

Most insects are beneficial - that’s right. Even the ones we consider pests like aphids and spider mites are doing a service. They are telling us by their presence that the infested plants are sick. The plants are in stress because of other real problems like too much or too little sun, water, fertilizer or some other imbalance. Poor plant selection is often the cause of pest problems. The Basic Organic Program and the release of beneficial insects will control most insect pests.

On the other hand, occasional insect pest infestations can be handled easily with natural organic products. Insect pests in general can be controlled with garlic, neem or citrus products. Caterpillars can be controlled with Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) products. Hot pepper sprays will also help to control many pests. An effective commercial product is PureGro Bug Stop.


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