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Interior Plants for Low Care

Money Tree (Pachira) is thought to bring good fortune and luck to those who place it in their home or office. As the money tree grows, it will continually sprout new stems of leaves, which will unfold into five leaf stems.

Chinese evergreens (Aglaonema) a genus of easy to grow tropical flowering plants in the arum family, Araceae. Native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea. Popular interior plant.
Mother-in-law’s-tongue (Sansevieria) - a genus of about 70 species of flowering plants, native to Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia. Common names include mother-in-law's tongue, devil's tongue, jinn's tongue, bow string hemp, snake plant and snake tongue.
ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem) Zamioculcas is the genus of a flowering plants in the family Araceae, containing the single species. It is a tropical perennial plant native to eastern Africa, from Kenya south to northeastern South Africa. This is the interior plant that will survive the most neglect. 

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