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Interior Plants



Plants for use inside the house or office can be grown organically. Plants not only have far fewer problems under the natural program, they provide a benefit other than of looking nice and softening spaces. They also help clean the air.

Potting soil for interior plants should be the same used for outdoor potted plants. The two best mulches for potted plants are shredded cedar and lava gravel.

The fertilizer program is simple. In fact the two most common mistakes made on house plants is too much water and too much fertilizer. Adding a mild organic fertilizer once a year in the spring is usually plenty. Compost, earthworm castings or compost tea along with a one time application of lava sand is all I use. Use about ¼” of lava sand and gently work in.

Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per gallon of irrigation water will help keep your potted plants healthy and vibrant.

The easiest plants to grow tend to be the most effective at air purifying. My recommended list is as follows:


Bright Areas                                                              Semi-Shade

Aloe vera                                                                    Aglaonema

Areca palm                                                                 Boston fern

Bamboo palm                                                             Corn plant dracaena

Christmas cactus                                                        Croton

Croton                                                                         Heart leaf philodendron

Orchids                                                                       Pothos ivy

Dieffenbachia                                                             Janet Craig dracaena

Lady palm                                                                   Shefflera

Dwarf banana                                                             Warneckei dracaena

                                                                                    Rubber plant


                                                                                    Parlor palm

                                                                                    Spider plant

Shadiest Areas


Heart leaf philodendron

Red emerald philodendron




An excellent book on the air purifying properties of plants is How To Grow Fresh Air by Dr. B.C. Wolverton, Penguin Books.

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