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Jasmine, Asian


Jasmine, Asian Trachelospermum asiaticum (tray-kell-o-SPER-mum aa-she-AT-ti-cum) 
Evergreen groundcover for sun to shade, Ht. 6-12 inches

HABIT:  Dense, low growing groundcover that will climb but not readily. Small oval leaves, no flowers. A variegated form and a dwarf called ‘Elegans’ now exist. Also called Japanese Star Jasmine and Asiatic Jasmine. Native to Japan and Korea. If any of your Asian Jasmine has flowers, it’s the wrong plant – either Confederate or Yellow Star Jasmine.


CULTURE:  Needs moist, well-drained, well-prepared soil for establishment. Once established, fairly drought tolerant. Cut down by mowing at highest setting in late winter – again in July if wanted.

USES:  Groundcover for large areas.

PROBLEMS:  Extreme winters can severely damage or kill this plant. Average winters will often burn the foliage brown, but recovers in spring.

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