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Jerusalem Sage


Phlomis fruiticosa  (FLO-mis froo-ti-KO-sa)

Perennial - Full Sun

Height: 2’-4’  Spread: 3’ - 4’  Spacing: 18” - 24”

HABIT:  Gray, wooly leafed perennial with tiers of bright yellows in late spring through early summer. Candelabra appearance. Grows to 2' - 3’ in height. P. russelliana, also called Jerusalem sage, looks similar but is bigger in every way - flowers are larger, dull green leaves are considerably larger getting 3' - 4’ in height.

CULTURE:  Both forms are drought tolerate and easy to grow in well drained soil.

USES:  Late spring, early summer color, for perennial gardens and borders.

PROBLEMS:  None serious.

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