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Job Opportunity: Manage Blue Ranch Farms



Summary: A farm and ranch that is a model of biodiversity, organic sustainability, regeneration and vitality, feeding and nourishing the management, the community and guests with delicious and nutritious food and drink and teaching and inspiring them to do the same.




  • Organic and richly biodiverse
  • Naturally powered by resources from the land (e.g. sunlight, water, geothermal)
  • Regenerative to the soil and atmosphere
  • Educational, blending historical and innovative best practices from around the world
  • Inspirational, immersing guests in beauty and life


Size: Approximately 400 acres out of a 1,150 acre ranch in Lee County, TX.


Natural Resources:

  • Abundant groundwater and prolific aquifers
  • Rich and diverse soils, mostly variants of sandy loam
  • Diverse abundance of native trees and foliage


Elements to be Developed:

  • Orchards
  • Planting Acres
  • Grass Fields
  • Grazing Herds
  • Bee Hives
  • Greenhouses
  • Compost operations
  • Equipment, Crop, and Honey Barns and Stables
  • 1-2 Farm-to-Table Restaurants
  • Large Market and Farm Store
  • Guest / Visitor Services & Educational Areas
  • Texas Organic Research Center Headquarters


Role: Looking for a couple/family to move onto the land and take primary responsibility for helping develop and managing the farm, facilities, personnel and finances, under the leadership of the farm owner. The farm owner is a devoted husband and father and an award winning entrepreneur whose leadership style is to work with great people, give them vision and resources and provide the space and environment for them to grow and thrive.



  • Rent free new home built on the farm
  • Competitive base salary and incentive plan
  • Food from the farm for immediate family
  • Attractive health and wellness benefits


If interested, contact me at, 214-365-0606 or 214-536-5521.

Posted November 18, 2021





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