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Joe Bradford - Pecan Research and Update on Champion Pecan Tree



We have new organic research.   Joe Bradford with the USDA recently presented his data showing the great benefits of organic pecan production.  Most pecan producers still use the chemical approach, but you can see from the data attached that it’s a bad idea and they are throwing dollars away. 

Not only were yields greater, but taste and health values increased dramatically.




Sustainable Practices for Pecan Production

Joe M. Bradford, USDA-ARS      Click here








Soil Microbiology and Organic Matter in Crop Production

Larry Zibilske USDA-ARS          Click here


Also a recent trip to Weatherford found the champion pecan tree in excellent health and growing well.  It’s always good to see it make it through the rough spring weather.  The only treatment the tree has had in the past is the removal of about 4 feet of soil from the creek side of the trunk.  Ill informed arborists from the Texas Forest Service advised the owner to put the soil back in around the base of the tree.  The owners wisely ignored the bad advice and since the air spade work, the tree has grown beautifully  and looks healthier than ever.

Recent photos of the Champion Pecan Tree.     




           Original wound.  The one small root was left during the root flare
exposure to help feed the closing callus of the wound,


Airspade work. 


                The wound today.


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