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Kaffir Lime


Citrus hystrix


Bumpy, green, maturing to yellow skinned citrus fruit with a highly acidic flavor. The leaves are an important flavoring in Thai and other southeast Asian dishes.

The leaves are aromatic, used as a spice, and for various flavoring purposes. The juice is also sometimes used in the preparation of food and beverages, although it is not consumed directly. Oil is also extracted from the rind for use in cosmetics and beauty products

Small tree, from 6-25ft in height. The Kaffir Lime is easily distinguished by its glossy, two-part leaves. Trees also usually contain some thorns. Trees are mildly frost hardy and grow best in areas that receive only short, mild frosts. Grow in full sun, provide water during growing months and protect from hard drou hts. Fertilize at tthe beginning of growing season.
Propagation: By seed and grafts

Native to Indonesia.

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