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Kelp Meal: Approximate analysis is from 1-0-2 to 1-2-8 with lots of trace minerals. Seaweed is a source of enzymes, nutrients, and hormones. Kelp meal is a dry fertilizer made from seaweed. It is an excellent source of plant hormones that stimulate root growth and regulate plant growth. Seaweed also provides soil conditioning substances that improve the crumb structure or tilth. It is a good natural source of copper and boron. Use at 20-40 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 300-500 pounds per acre.

Kelp and seaweed are the same. Large brown seaweed, especially the families Laminariaceae and Fucaceae have been found valuable as soil conditioners. Ascophyllum nodosum is the species that has the most university research. Kelp is available in liquid or dry meal form.

K-Mag: K-Mag and Sul-po-mag are one and the same product, mined from same location, but by two  separate companies. The scientific name “langbeinite”. See Sul-Po-Mag.

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