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Kruse's Mallee

Eucalyptus kruseana

Common Names: Book-leaf mallee, kruse's mallee, kruses's bookleaf mallee, silver- leaved mountain gum
Family: Myrtaceae

A tree or mallee that is native to New South Wales in Australia. Named after English film and television screenwriter John Kruse, it has delicate leaves that are similar but smaller than E. pulverulenta, also called silver-leaved mountain gum.

Habit: Mallee eucalyptus is often wider than it is tall with a rounded shape. Has fragrant round, silver to blue green leaves. Yellow-Green. Flowers in Spring or Summer. Has perfect flowers (male and female parts in each flower).

Culture: Native to Southeastern Western Australia. Growth rate can be up to 12 Inches per year. Longevity 40 to 60 years. Zones 8-10 but needs protection in harsh winters. Best in full sun.

Uses: Would fit in a dry or ornamental garden. Also makes a good container plant. Evergreen but hard-frost sensitive. Foliage is good for cut flower arrangements.

Notes: A Eucalyptus kruseana in Stanford University is registered as a California Big Tree. It measures 16 feet high, with a trunk circumference of 6 inches and a crown spread of 23 feet. Synonyms include Eucalyptus morrisonii - a small to medium spreading mallee; smooth bark; rounded, silver/blue leaves crowded along branches used by florist. Showy yellow flowers autumn-winter. Very attractive, unique specimen plant. Full sun and frost tolerant. Very low maintenance.

I always called this plant silver dollar tree. There was a nice one in front of my draft office in Mt Pleasant Texas when I was in high school, but one of our harsh winters killed it.


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