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Lady Bug Natural Brand

High-quality natural and organic compost, fertilizer, mulch, soil amendments and soils. All.products start with the finest all-natural raw materials. Use for optimum growth of all plant life. 

Lady Bug Natural Brand Products


Lady Bug Natural Brand’s fully composted organic fertilizers feed the microbes in your soil and are beneficial for both your soil and your plants. This process of supporting soil health creates a natural, self-sustaining system that naturally helps to suppress insects and disease. This means less money and time spent fertilizing for you, and less chemical run-off for the environment. As local pioneers of the modern organic garden, we can offer you the absolute best fertilizer tailored to your gardening needs. We produce a variety of granulated and liquid fertilizers. Along with OMRI certifications, all of our fertilizers meet the National Organic Standards.
It’s a simple fact – rich, organic soils produce healthy plants! Gardeners who have ever labored over plants struggling in poor soils know the value of a good foundation. The proper ratio of soil, organic matter, minerals, micro-organisms and pore space is critical, whether gardening in native soil or in containers. Lady Bug Natural Brand knows the difference between plain old dirt and rich productive soil. It’s the difference between a plant simply surviving – and thriving. With decades of experience along with laboratory testing behind our recipes, gardeners can trust Lady Bug Natural Brand to make their gardening experience a success.
Healthy soil is the key to a healthy garden, and compost is the foundation of any good soil. Using the latest in composting technology and following the national standards for compost production, we work hard to make your gardening experience easier. Our composts are alive with beneficial microbes, strengthening the growing power of your soil. We have several composts to choose from, including a specialty blend and a few old-time favorites.
Soil Amendments
From growing healthy vegetables to stately trees, our native soils could use a little help! Lady Bug Natural Brand knows how to turn any soil type into a rich and healthy foundation for optimum growth of all plant life. A clay soil needs compost, Expanded Shale, and a liquid soil activator to improve permeability, drainage, aeration, and microbial activity. In a sandy soil, compost and soil activator can also help bind the loose texture of sand, and improve moisture and nutrient retention.

Lady Bug Natural Brand
12286 Hwy 105 East.
Conroe, TX 77306

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