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Lamb's Ear

Evergreen herb/Groundcover – Sun to Light Shade
Stachys byzantina    
Ht. 6”-12” Spread 36” and more
STACK-is biz-an-TEEN-yah
Spacing 12”-18”

HABIT:   Purple summer blooms. 

CULTURE:  Needs loose, well drained, organic soil. Light colored, low growing, ground spreader. Drought tolerant.

USES:  Ground cover, antiseptic and styptic, teas.

PROBLEMS:  Too much water, poorly drained soil. Develops crown rot if kept too wet.

NOTES:  Propagates and spreads easily by seeds and rhizomes. Cut back the flower spikes to maintain compact appearance. Flowers are good in dried arrangements. This is a hardy plant with felt-like white leaves as soft as a lamb’s ear. It must be grown in dry, sunny conditions. Hard rains beat it down and turn it mushy.








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