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Lamium maculatum ‘Variegatum’ (LAM-ee-um mac-you-LAY-tum) 

Perennial - Shade/Part Shade - groundcover

Height 9″ - 12″  Spacing 9″ - 12″
HABIT:  Low-growing, silvery-leafed groundcover, spreads easily. Flowers purple, red, or white in summer.
CULTURE:  Easy, any well-drained soil. Moderate water and fertilizer. Needs afternoon shade. Does best in moist soil. Zones 4 - 8.

USES:  Groundcover, containers.
PROBLEMS:  Fairly carefree.
NOTES Also called spotted dead nettle. ‘White Nancy’ is a nice white cultivar. Several other improved cultivars exist. Mow or clip down to 3”

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