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Laurel - Cherry


OTHER COMMON NAMES: Carolina Cherry Laurel, Carolina Cherry, Wild Peach Cherry Laurel

BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus caroliniana  (PROO-nus ka-ro-lin-ee-AH-nah)

FAMILY:  Rosaceae (Rose Family)

TYPE:  Evergreen Tree

HEIGHT: 25 Feet

SPREAD: 15 Feet

SPACING: 8 - 15 Feet

HABIT:  Upright bushy growth, can be trimmed into tree form. White flowers along stems in spring. ‘Bright and Tight’ is an improved compact cultivar.

CULTURE:  Will grow in any soil but is not long-lived.

USES:  Evergreen screen, small ornamental.

PROBLEMS:  Borers, cotton root rot, crown gall, chlorosis, and ice storms.

NOTES:  There are much better choices. Native eastern USA to Texas

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