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Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent

Q: I saw a post from some gardening thing on FB that said lemon grass is a mosquito repellent…and to plant in pots for deck areas etc.  I read the oil of the plant is used in citronella.  I looked on for anything about the actual plant being a repellent but didn’t see anything…but could have missed it but did see all of the other useful info about cooking/teas etc.  Just wanted to know y’all’s thoughts on this topic?  I listen every week and have for 20 years but don’t recall you ever mentioning this.  Will plant either way but hoping it might be effective in repelling those little pests.  Had hoped the cold winter might have helped with the population but it is alive and well here in Grapevine! Thank y’all for any advice!  - V. M. Grapevine, TX

A: Unfortunately the plants don’t really help with mosquitoes. The oil products from those plants aren’t that great either. Nothing works perfectly but what works best is to broadcast repellents and vary them to help prevent the mosquitoes from getting used to them and ignoring. The ones I use and rotate include garlic (dry and liquid), cedar (dry and liquid), Bti spray and in water buckets with stagnant water to attract and kill. Essential oil products are sometimes used in the rotation but I don’t like to use them often because they kill beneficial insects. Good luck. 


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