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Ligustrum, Japanese


Ligustrum, Japanese Evergreen — Sun/Part Shade
Ligustrum lucidum Height 15'-20'  Spread 8'-10'
li_GUS-strum loo-SEE-dum Spacing 4'-8'


HABIT: Very large, vigorous shrub with larger, duller leaves than Wax Ligustrum. Fragrant white flowers in late spring. Clusters of blue berries in winter.


CULTURE: Any soil, sun or part shade. Low water and fertilizer requirements.


USES: Tall screen, ornamental tree.


PROBLEMS: Cotton root rot, whiteflies and ice storm damage.


NOTES: 1983 freeze killed and severely damaged many of these plants in north Texas. Native to the Orient. I try to keep this plant if existing on a site but seldom plant new ones.





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