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Ligustrum, Wax


Ligustrum, Wax Evergreen — Sun/Part Shade
Ligustrum japonicum Height 10'-15'  Spread 8'-10'
li-GUS-trum ja-PON-eh-cum    Spacing 3’-4’


HABIT: Glossy leaves, blue berries in winter. Very fragrant white flowers in late spring. Usually multi trunked but single stem plants available at nurseries. Native to the Orient.


CULTURE: Any soil and condition as long as drainage is good. Light shearing or pick pruning in March and July is helpful to keep the plant compact.


USES: Ornamental tree, screen, tall border, background plant.


PROBLEMS: Whiteflies, cotton root rot. Freeze damage in severe winters.


NOTES: Wax leaf has been grossly misused as a foundation planting or low hedge. I also think pyramid, poodle and globe shaped pruning is a silly thing to do with this plant.


Wax ligustrum

Wax ligustrum, close





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