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Lily - Spider (yellow)


Lycoris spp.                                                                                         

Spacing 6”-12”           Ht. 15”-24”           
Spread 6”-12”      Perennial – Sun / Part Shade

HABIT:  Clusters of purple, red, pink, white or yellow summer flowers. Lycoris radiata is the red spider lily. Lycoris squamigera is the trumpet-shaped pink belladonna lily that blooms in late summer to early fall. Lycoris africana is bright yellow. Lycoris x albiflora is the white fall spider lily.

CULTURE:  Plant bulbs from spring through late summer. May not bloom the first fall. Narrow leaves appear in spring but die down before the plant blooms.

USES:  Perennial summer color.

PROBLEMS: Cutworms, loopers, and other caterpillars.


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