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Lima Bean Red

Red Lima Bean


For some reason, I didn't keep a good record on where I got this seed in the beginning. The one listed and explained below is from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, sounds very close, but my plants produce pods that have 3-4 beans per pod. Mine have apparently self-hybridized and gotten better over the years. Hope you enjoy them as much as our family does. The vines get very large so the close spacing recommended isn't needed.


'Worcester Indian Red Pole', also called 'Red', is an heirloom variety of lima bean. It is best grown for the dry beans, which are maroon in color. Plants are extremely hardy and produce well all summer. Two seeds per pod. Lima beans are an ancient group of beans which grow well in southern climates with warm summers. They can be grown as bushes, or vines, depending on the cultivar. Climbing varieties need at least 80 days for maturity, but the bush varieties tend to mature faster. Seeds need at least 65 degree Fahrenheit soil to germinate. Soil should be well drained, sandy loam. If your soil is heavy, these beans will be best reared in raised beds. Soil should be neutral, or slightly acidic. Sow in late spring, 2 weeks after the last frost. Seeds should be 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart, rows 3 feet apart. Climbing types will need stakes or trellises. Watering will increase the yield, and is especially beneficial when the plants are in bloom. Don't apply too much nitrogen or you will get all vines and no fruit.





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