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Liquid Measure

We just learned about this in my first grade class. The way I teach it is by a visual I make up. First draw a giant "G" in black. Then draw four "Q's" inside that shape, in red. Then draw two "P's" in green, inside the "Q". Last, draw two "C's" inside the "P's". This shows visual learners that there are four Quarts in a Gallon, two Pints in a Quart, two Cups in a Pint......four cups in a quart.....16 cups in a gallon.....8 pints in a gallon, etc. This visual may take a little while to prepare, however, it is well worth the effort! -DJ, Florida


I have used a Mr. Gallon that I made during my student teaching 34 years ago. He has two arms and two legs, each marked "quart". Gallon is on his stomach. Two fingers (toes) on each extremity is written with "pint". In this way, the students can see that four quarts equal one gallon or 8 pints, or that 2 pints equals one quart, etc. It has worked great for 34 years! -Judi


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